Writing well in an academic style is an essential skill for researchers. Grammar and syntax may sound dull, but they are important if you are to achieve clarity in what you want to say.

Good writing also helps an examiner or reviewer grasp your meaning and arguments easily—which will result in higher marks or more favourable reception of your ideas.

Researchers are required to write journal articles, conference papers, reports and may even need to produce blog posts, which employ a less formal style of writing.

If you feel you need to gain greater skills in academic writing the Library can help you refine your writing style, access editing services and connect with a writing group to improve and practice your skills.

The Library’s new guide to Academic Writing provides techniques, tutorials and tips to help you improve your writing by addressing the structure of a piece, and which voice and language should be used.

Your success as a researcher will benefit from strengthening your academic writing skills.

Consult the Library’s Academic Writing guide for expert advice and assistance.