How does the world see you as a researcher? Are you readily identifiable and distinguishable?  

Researcher profiles on platforms such as Griffith Experts, Google Scholar, ORCiD and ResearchGate can really help you stand out. They are also an effective way to ensure your research is discoverable and distinguish you from other researchers who may have the same name. 

Actively managing your researcher profiles will increase the visibility and impact of your research and introduce you to new audiences and potential collaborators. In addition, social media and academic networking services can be used to expand the reach of your research by inviting comment and interaction. These channels also favour a more narrative approachyou can tell your story in layman’s terms. 

How do I get started? 

The Library’s new and improved Researcher Profiles webpage highlights the most important profiles you should create or claim and provides tips on how to build each of these profiles. 

To discuss your profiles with a Librarian, please contact us via the online form.