What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)? 

MFA provides extra security when logging into Griffith applications. You already sign in using your Griffith username and passwordMFA adds a second form of identification to confirm that it is you logging in, such as a passcode sent to your computer or mobile device. 

Universities are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals to access confidential information through the collection of user credentials. Griffith is introducing MFA to strengthen our defences against these cyberattacks so your information is secure. Many banks and apps already use MFA.  

When do I need to start using MFA? 

MFA for students is being launched at 9 am on Monday 26 October, and you will be prompted to set up MFA for your Griffith account. You will receive SMS and emails with links to guides and videos to set up MFA on your devices.

If required, you can select the option to ‘skip’ the MFA setup, but only until Tuesday 10 NovemberStudents must set up MFA by 10 November at the latest in order to access your Griffith Single Sign-On applications. 

Where can I get support? 

  • For more information visit the MFA for Students web page. 
  • For support setting up MFA contact the IT Service Centre. 
  • For face to face support at Gold Coast and Nathan campuses visit the Tech Assist barsopen 9 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday from 26 October until 13 November.