This week is HDR Careers Week and a great time to consider your researcher profile.  

Building your Researcher profile and managing your research publications are key activities. 

Professional researchers are readily identifiable and distinguishable. Your Researcher profile should list your scholarly achievements.  Along with thisactively managing your researcher profile will increase visibility and impact of your research and potentially find you new audiences and collaborators. The use of social media, especially academic networking services, can be used to expand the reach of your research in new and interactive ways.   

Where to begin? 

Griffith Experts is the University’s online profiling system. The focus is to display the University’s research expertise, targeting key external audiences including potential HDR candidates and research collaborators, the government and the media when seeking input from experts. 

See the Griffith Experts curation guide to create an effective professional profile that highlights your expertise. 

Expand your profile reach. 

Consider using these other Researcher profile platforms to grow the reach of your research outputs and publications: 

  • ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID)link your research activities and outputs on this open, non-profit registry of unique researcher identifiers. 
  • ResearcherID on Publonscreate and manage a professional profile, add your publications, track your citations and manage your Web of Science record. 
  • Scopus Author Identifier (Elsevier)check that publications assigned to you using automatically assigned author identifiers are correct. 
  • Google Scholar profilebring together an updated publication citation list and h-index for ready reference and use. 

Need help? 

For a broad overview of Researcher profiles, visit the Griffith Library page on Profile Management.