How does your research relate to the work of others in your field? 

Identifying the unique contribution your research could make to your field is essential to the research process. In familiarising yourself with the main issues in your field and knowing who the key authors areyou often need to find, read and organise a lot of information: articles, book chapters, reports, conference papers and more.  

Luckily, the Library’s new Working with literature research modules can helpHere you will find strategies for: 

  • Building an effective search strategyso you can be sure your searches are comprehensive 
  • Accessing relevant databases and resources—to save precious research time 
  • Identifying research themes and making connectionsso you have a wide-ranging understanding 
  • Contextualising a topic within a research areato help you see where your research fits in. 

You can access these resources from the Library’s Research and publishing webpage.