Coronavirus crisis inspiring ‘unprecedented’ global research effort 

Covid-19: How unprecedented data sharing has led to faster-than-ever outbreak research 

Headlines like these highlight the vital role that sharing research openly can play during a global crisis.  However, research that helps save or improve lives should be available to everyone, alwaysand not just during a pandemic.  Open science, open access, open data, open code, open research infrastructure and open educational resources are all part of the global movement of Open Scholarship, an initiative to make research and scholarly practices more accessible and inclusive.  

Open Scholarship is about sharing and fostering reuse of research processes and outputs. It enables researchers to collaborate in new ways, creates opportunities to innovate, and speeds up discoveries.  It is well-established that freely accessible work has the greatest impact and reach both within Australia and across the globe, and you can see open scholarship in action here. 

The movement also takes aim at traditional for-profit science publishing – a practice that has led to taxes or philanthropic grants paying for research and researchers authoring, reviewing and editing publications for free, with a number of large publishing corporations earning profit margins well above the norm.   

Want to know how to make your research processes, data and publications as open as possible, whilst being appropriately attributed and cited?  Our new Open Scholarship web pages provide the how, where, and when you can share your research openly.