Next week24-28 August is It’s On All of Us Week 2020.  

It’s On All of Us Week promotes Griffith University’s values that we all share a responsibility to create respectful and safe campus communities, where assault, harassment and disrespectful behaviours are not tolerated, and where students and staff are encouraged to seek support.  

There are a range of events, training and resources available to participate in durinthis event.  Increasing your awareness, understanding and confidence is creating a safe campus. 


Monday 24 August: Keeping Safe Online is Everyone’s Business 

This 60-minute webinar developed for  Griffith University by the eSafety Commissioner team aims to provide greater awareness of online safety including: 

Register via the Safe Campuses website. 

Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 August: Respectfully Challenging Disrespectful Behaviour 

Living true to your values and holding people accountable, in safe and respectful ways. A 90 minute webinar from the MATE Bystander team. 

Register via the Safe Campuses website. 


Sex & Respect: It’s On All Of Us 

  • understand respect as a foundation to healthy relationships 
  • identify consent and non-consent in relationships and sexual interactions 
  • understand attitudes and assumptions in society which effect your own beliefs and boundaries
  • learn ways to look out for friends and others through positive leadership as an active bystander. 

Staff and students should complete Sex and Respect: It’s On All Of Us on Learning@Griffith. 

Recognise. Respond. Refer  

  • Recognise the signs of personal violence and disrespectful behaviour 
  • Respond with empathy to a disclosure 
  • Refer to support and reporting services at, or external to, the University. 

Staff and Students can complete Recognise. Respond. Refer. online via Learning@Griffith. 

MATE Bystander Program – MATE stands for:   Motivating   Action   Through   Empowerment.  It’s a program designed to motivate you to take action by empowering you with knowledge to ensure we know and can recognise, the signs of a healthy, respectful and equal relationship.  

Staff and students should complete the MATE Bystander Program on Learning@Griffith. 


Tip sheets and quick guides  

Counsellor, Violence Response & Prevention – specialising in providing support to students who have been affected by personal violence.  The Counsellor, Violence Response & Prevention provides priority appointments via phone 5552 9600 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm) or email [email protected] 

SASH Responder Network – launched in 2020, the SASH Responder Network is a group of staff from across the University who are trained to receive disclosures with empathy and compassion and provide information about the options available.