Wish you knew how to standardise messy data? We can help!    

Missing, messy or inconsistent data can easily undermine your analysis. By using a few simple processes, you can cut down the time and effort you spend cleaning data and start figuring out what your data is telling you.  

If you are an HDR candidate or researcher who needs time-efficient methods to explore, clean and prepare data, come along to our upcoming workshop, Introduction to Data Wrangling with OpenRefine. OpenRefine is an open source tool used to explore, clean, organise, combine and transform data. You don’t need to know how to code and no prior software knowledge is required.    

The online, hands-on workshop includes basic data cleaning techniques such as:  

  • Exploring columns of data through facets and filters  
  • Implementing ‘tidy data’ principles  
  • Cleaning, organising and preparing data for analysis  
  • Creating reusable scripts to perform the same tasks on similar data  

Once you have learned the basics, the Advanced Data Wrangling with OpenRefine workshop in September will help you combine, geolocate and perform “what if” exploration of data in tables.   

For more on how we can help, check out the Library’s support for working with data or contact us about your research data needs.