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As your assignments for T2 approach, you can be confident in your referencing with help from the library. 

Referencing guides 

We have referencing guides for a range of styles including APA7with examples of how to quote and paraphrase in the text of your assignment and how to format reference lists.  

Find the referencing guide required for your course here. 

Referencing workshops 

The Library is offering online workshops on Understanding Referencing and Using References in your writing. The workshops run up until Week 7 of T2. 

Register for a workshop here. 

Tips and tricks 

We have four steps to help you produce accurate and consistent referencing and comply with academic integrity requirements. 

Specialist advice 

If you require a more specialist understanding of referencing, our librarians and learning advisers can assist you with improving your academic writing, study skills, referencing, and research needs.  

Fill out the web form and our specialist library staff will contact you to book a consultation. 

Library. Here to help. 

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