Exams are almost upon us and the lead up to exam time can be a challenging time. We’ve put together a few tips to help you with exam preparations.

Exam tips for success

In the lead up to exam week think about the following:

  • Confirm exam details and requirements – check the exam timetable or your course details in [email protected] to confirm when and how your exam will take place. There will be no supervised or on-campus exams until further notice, with a small number of exceptions so check your [email protected] course site for the latest updates.
  • Start planning now – prepare your study notes, set out a schedule including snack breaks! Have you seen the Griffith University Study Planner?
  • Set exam goals – consider how you are travelling in the course so far and calculate how many marks are needed to achieve your desired final course grade. Work towards that goal with a positive mindset and reward yourself when you reach that goal.
  • Find a study buddy in your course and arrange a time to connect on Microsoft Teams.

Look after yourself during exam time

While you’re bunkering down and managing your study, don’t forget to look after yourself:

  • If you get a little anxious around exam time (it’s normal!) start thinking how you might manage it – become aware of your breathing, share your thoughts with friends or peers online, write them down, think about calming techniques like mindfulness, yoga or mediation. Check out our Online Relaxation Stations for inspiration.
  • Eat well – plan your meals and cook a few meals beforehand so you are well prepared and nourished.
  • Get enough sleep – make it a priority to get your 7-9 hours of sleep each night and stick to a schedule. Exercise during the day will improve your sleep and if you can, take a break from your devices.

Check out the Coronavirus and self-care webpage for more information on health and wellness.

Need more help?

Remember we are all in this together and the Library is here to support you.

Contact us online via Chat, Email or complete the Get help from the library webform if you need help preparing for your exams.