Library staff like Jo, Laura and Nicholas are continuing to provide support for you while you study online.

Our Library Services Team Members are logged into chat from 9am – 5pm each day ready to help. You can also contact them via email or by completing the web form. Library Services can assist with:

  • Accessing online resources
  • Assisting with referencing
  • Guiding you to study help
  • Directing you to specialist library staff.

We also have Librarians available to provide specialist online support and help with your research and study needs. Our Librarians can help with:

  • Referencing correctly
  • Developing research skills
  • Assisting students with locating resources for an assignment.

Learning Advisers can also help you articulate your research and improve your writing skills. They can provide specialist help in:

  • Understanding and structuring assignments
  • Improving your writing and study skills
  • Assisting with exam prep
  • Academic integrity.

Whatever your question, we have the right people to help. Reach out by completing the Get help from the library webform or contact us on email and chat.