Library guides

Do you need to find suitable information for your assignment? There are so many places to search but Library Guides are a great place to start with subject specific recommendations on databases, journals and other resources.

Our librarians have created guides for different subject areas such as Business and Government, Criminology and Law, or Education. Select your subject and choose the guide most relevant to you. Once you have found the right one, use the left-hand menu to browse the different types of resources. Specialist resources are available on each page which you can search further to find the information you need.

library guide

Evaluating sources

Once you have found a good source, remember not all information will be useful or reliable. Evaluating sources is an important aspect of critical thinking and will help determine the relevance and accuracy of the information. Have a look at the Evaluating your sources information to find out about how to assess the strengths and limitations of your sources.

Our wide range of resources and the ability to evaluate information will help you achieve your goals!

Get in contact with the Library if you have any questions. Contact Us via chat, email or complete the Get help from the library webform. The Library is here to help even if our doors are closed!