Good data management can save you time and help ensure that your data is protected.  

Griffith Library has produced best practice data guidelines for researchers. The guidelines cover: 

Before the project starts 

  • Regulatory requirements and professional obligations 
  • Contribution to research impact 
  • Costing 
  • Planning documentation 

At the start of the project 

  • Intellectual property 
  • Retention 
  • Ethics and consent 

During the project 

  • Find research data 
  • Durable formats 
  • Secure storage – digital data 
  • Secure storage – print and physical 
  • Safe and secure data transfer 
  • Organising and documenting data 

Towards the end and after 

  • Sharing data through a repository 
  • Licensing for re-use 
  • Secure destruction 
  • Exit planning 

Visit the Griffith Library web page to get support across your entire research project. 

Best practice data guidelines for researchers by Griffith University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License