Griffith Research Online (GRO) is a digital archive of research and scholarship from Griffith University that provides free access to online full text resources.  

GRO promotes this content through services such as Google and Trove to make sure it is easily discoverable and accessible and increases the impact and influence that Griffith research and scholarship has on the wider community.  

There are three communities in Griffith Research Online: 

  1. Griffith Research Online – contains resources associated with Griffith authors. 
  1. Griffith Theses – contains the higher degree research theses completed by Griffith graduates.  
  1. Griffith University ePress Archive – contains resources from Aeronautics, GovNet eJournal, Griffith Asia Quarterly and Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal.  

GRO also provides statistics on how many times a resource has been viewed or downloaded and shows handy rankings of the most popular items and authors.  You can search GRO by Communities & Collections, Authors, Issue Date or Title.  

Visit Griffith Research Online today and check out Griffith’s own digital archive of research and scholarship.