Griffith Library have a range of staff roles designated to supporting students. The ones to keep an eye out for are Library Services Staff, Librarians and Learning Advisers. They provide expert advice and are trained in bystander intervention, allowing them to recognise and intervene in problematic situations to keep the library a Safe Place for all.

Here’s an outline of how these different staff members can help you through your studies.

Library Services

Library Services staff provide support to everyone who visits the Library. You’ll find them at our service desks and answering any of your phone, chat, email and other online queries. Library Services staff can assist with:

  • accessing physical and online resources
  • helping get connected to wifi and printing services
  • guiding you to study help


Librarians are specialists that assist students with their research needs. Some of the specialised help they provide includes:

  • Teaching students how to reference correctly
  • Helping students develop research skills
  • Assisting students with locating resources for an assignment

Learning advisors

If librarians help you find your research, learning advisors help you articulate your research. They can provide specialist help in:

  • understanding and structuring assignments
  • improving your writing and study skills
  • assisting with exam prep
  • academic integrity

To contact a librarian or a learning advisor, fill out the Request specialist advice form on the Griffith Library web page.

And remember, our staff are always here to help!