Digital Solutions and Student Disability and Accessibility are hosting assistive technology drop-in sessions at the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses this O Week and Week 1. 

Wednesday 19 February
9:30 am (N13 0.29) & 12:30pm (N13 0.29)
Thursday 27 February 
9:30am (N06 -2.04) & 12:30pm (N13 0.29) 
Gold Coast:  
Thursday 20 February 
10:00am (G02 1.26H) & 12:00pm (G02 1.26H)
Wednesday 26 February 
9:30am (G39 2.26) & 1:00pm (G39 2.26) 

These sessions are designed to suit the following people: 

  • you currently use assistive technology but are having issues or have questions regarding your current setup  
  • you have had assistive software installed by Griffith (ie. Read&Write) on your personal device but are unsure how to use it 
  • you don’t currently use assistive technology but want to know if you would benefit from its use  
  • you have a question/s regarding the Assistive Technology Labs at Griffith 
  • you want to know what sort of assistive technology Griffith has on offer 
  • you have a general question regarding assistive technology 

There is no need to book for these sessions, however you can register your attendance using this form. This will help us to plan for the sessions or bring along extra technology if required. 

These sessions are open to all current and future students and members of staff.