“No one gives a creative rules, we make rules for ourselves.” Vanessa Tomlinson.


The final Lightning Talks of the year was all kinds of quotable! To end the year with a bang of creative flair, Griffith Review and Griffith Library called on some creative experts. Our panelists Vanessa Tomlinson, Holden Sheppard, Andrew Brown and Mirandi Riwoe were on-board to give us some insight into their creativity endeavors and processes, inspiring us in the lead up to the end of the year.

Our creatives talked about their own processes, how they view creativity and how creativity exists in each and every one of us. As Mirandi put it “‘All of it is tied to hard work and learning your craft… Imagination and the creative side of things is tied to work ethic and the discipline to get things down on the page.”

Not only did we examine the process of creativity, but we discussed the ways in which creative endeavors and art can benefit everyone. Art helps us make sense of our world, our traumas and our triumphs, our history and our place in the world.  And in Andrew Brown’s words “creativity comprises [of] novelty and value”.

Holden Sheppard talked about his book as an “experimentation in self” allowing him to use character and narrative to represent different aspects of himself. He reflected on writing as a way to fill gaps, to re-imagine possibilities — and for the better.


The panelists agreed that no matter what your art of choice, all creatives have a commonality, especially when it comes to their creative processes and their appreciation of what art can bring.

In addition to the panel, we were treated to a viewing of QCA student Ashley Peel’s work “Covered in Gold” which explores a retelling of Cinderella and the feminist ideal.

DSC_0329 (2)

The audience, as always, asked amazing questions and we all walked away itching to pick up a pen or paintbrush…or even just an excellent book.

A huge thank you to our panelists for sharing their creative selves. A special thanks also goes to to our moderator Dr Ashley Hay from Griffith Review, and the hardworking team who helped bring this Lightning Talks event together.DSC_0327

Join us next year for more Lightning Talks but in the meantime you can catch ‘The light ascending: Illuminating creativity’ and all of the 2019 series at Griffith Library Lightning Talks