Are you a creative? Starting out in a creative industry? Or simply fascinated by the creative? Griffith Review and Griffith Library are delighted to announce our next Lightning Talks.

The Light Ascending: Illuminating Creativity

Celebrating Griffith Review’s final publication for the year The light ascending: the novella project VII, this Lightning Talks presentation explores the creative process and all the struggle and sacrifice but also the fun, wild and woolly stuff that comes with creativity.

Our panel of creatives include Holden Sheppard an awarding winning YA novelist, Vanessa Tomlinson a percussionist, composer and artistic director, Mirandi Riwoe the award winning author of The Fish Girl and Andrew Brown– educator, musician, digital artist and author.

So join Griffith Review and Griffith Library as we wrap up the year by celebrating creativity with The light ascending: Illuminating creativity.


  1. Thursday 14 November 2019
  2. Noon – 1 pm


  1. Webb Centre (S02) 7.07
  2. South Bank