We really appreciate when our colleagues share their exemplary teaching practice with us and we can capture those to share with the rest of the teaching and learning community. Here are some of the latest ones:

Skeletal Scrabble
Dr Leanne Kenway shares an active learning strategy to enhance recall of anatomical terminology and spelling in a foundation year health course in the School of Medical Science at Griffith University.


3D digital cadavers
Dr Leanne Kenway discusses how 3D models supplement student access to anatomy lab facilities in the School of Medical Science at Griffith University.


Leveraging educational technology to enhance career confidence
How can we engage students in their employability through educational technology? This entry explores Dr David Tuffley’s approach utilising PebblePad to engage students in reflective practice.


Enhancing employability through ePortfolios
Dr Amie Shaw shares her experience of using PebblePad ePortfolios to enhance employability outcomes in a first year cohort.


There are always new entries being added, so check back frequently. And if you have something you would like to share out to the teaching community, remember you can .