From Pitch to Practice…Virtual Glass is here!

Innovators: Hugh Gormley pitching ‘Virtual Glass’ and Espen Dammen showcasing the outcomes of that pitch released this week across CYO Video Studios.

Forget heavy glass screens, and recording back-to-front, we’ve found an innovative, light and easy way for you to achieve your Glass-board-type video.  This new CYO Video Studio feature mimics the type of output you’d achieve using a Lightboard or transparent whiteboard, where the presenter generally draws on a piece of glass.  Our solution uses an iPad Pro and an Apple Pen, allowing you as the presenter to draw on the iPad and have those drawings appear in front of you on the video produced. 

We call it ‘Virtual Glass’.

CYO brochure cover image

‘Virtual Glass’ is integrated into the CYO Video Studio Workflow across all of our campus-based CYO Video studios. It is perfect for a myriad of teaching use-cases, but particularly suited to mathematics, coding, statistics or any type of demonstration best worked through by hand.  To see Virtual Glass in action, check out this ‘how to’ video.

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