Have you heard about Social Marketing @ Griffith? They are a multidisciplinary group of creative and smart people who work on a range of innovative projects, from partnering with local councils to reduce the problem of food waste, to working with Learning Futures using cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) technology to change the way young people think about alcohol and drugs.

Another thing Social Marketing @ Griffith also do is run masterclasses. These masterclasses are interesting, informative, and best of all, practical. You will come away from the class feeling like you really learnt something and armed with practical tools and activities to help you with whatever it is you are working on. You will also meet interesting new people, and get a different perspective on the problems you are trying to solve.

Here are some of their current offerings:


Enhancing Communication Effectiveness Masterclass

Presented by Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and Carina Roemer

This masterclass helps to optimise your communication strategies and focuses on enhancing communication effectiveness. We will provide you with hands on tools to assess and improve your communicationsDetails:

Date: Friday 24 May, 2019
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Location: Griffith University, South Bank campus
Price: Early bird: $499 + GST (full price: $599)

Full day catering included


Partnering with commercial enterprises to achieve social objectives

This masterclass will provide practical tips on how to optimise a win-win cross-sector partnership. In addition to consuming insights, participants will share experiences and gain knowledge through peer-to-peer learning process.

Date: Friday 7 June 2019 – Griffith University, South Bank campus

Introductory behaviour change masterclass

This workshop introduces you to the commercial marketing mindset delivering you the tools you need to compete against commercial marketers. If you want to reduce a problem behaviour, then you need to play the game to win!

Date: Friday 2 August 2019 – Griffith University, South Bank campus