Want to explore the importance of compassion and self-compassion in the workplace, find out what’s happening in work integrated learning at Griffith, or discover some new ways to use PebblePad? Maybe you’d like to rethink feedback, explore authentic assessment approaches, find out what’s happening with learning and teaching Communities of Practice and get a sneak peek at Blackboard Ultra and the new Virtual Learning Environment?

Check out some of the sessions and speakers you’ll see at Celebrating Teaching 2018 that will be exploring these topics and more, starting Monday 22 October. Spaces are filling up fast for these sessions, so register today.

We’ll see you there!

Professor David Boud

Professor David Boud will present the keynote, ‘Is authentic assessment enough?’ and will also facilitate the workshop, ‘Redesigning feedback for greater impact on learning’ at the Innovative Teaching for Active Learning Symposium. Professor Boud has published extensively on teaching, learning and assessment in higher and professional education. If you’d like to reimagine how you do feedback in your teaching practice, this is the session for you. Only a few seats left for this event.

Associate Professor Amani Bell

Associate Professor Amani Bell is the Innovative Research Universities’ Vice-Chancellors’ Fellow and is based at Western Sydney University. She will be the keynote speaker at [email protected]:Looking Forward, presenting ‘Reimagining work integrated learning’. Come along to this session if you’re looking for some fresh perspectives on WIL.

Associate Professor Stan Steindl

Associate Professor Stan Steindl will present the keynote, ‘Compassion and Self-Compassion in Teaching, Research and Service Work’, at the Educator Self-Care Symposium. If you’d like to explore and understand the role of self-care and applying the principles of compassion and self-compassion in a busy workplace, come along to this session.

Associate Professor Jacquie McDonald

Associate Professor Jacquie McDonald will present the keynote ‘Communities of Practice – Imagining, Implementing and Valuing Social Learning‘ at the Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy Communities of Practice Symposium. Associate Professor McDonald has been invited by national and international universities to facilitate Community of Practice workshops and contribute to CoP initiatives.

Professor Kevin Bell

Professor Kevin Bell will present the keynote, ‘Addictive Education’, and will also facilitate the workshop, ‘Venn and Zen’ at the Innovative Teaching for Active Learning Symposium. Professor Bell is the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Digital Futures) at Western Sydney University and recently published the book Game On! – Gamification, Gameful Design, and the Rise of the Gamer Educator. If you’d like to explore the concept of intrinsic motivation in modern Higher Education, and dig deeper into practitioner examples describing cases where educators have developed addictive learning, we’ll see you at this session. Only a few seats left for this event.

Dr Hayley Quinn

Dr Hayley Quinn will be facilitating the workshop, ‘Compassionate Mind Training and Finding Balance in the Midst of Busyness’, at the Educator Self-Care Symposium. This workshop will offer an invitation to engage in experiential exercises aimed to raise your awareness and cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Learn how adopting a more self-compassionate approach can assist in finding balance both in and out of the workplace.

Professor Michael Sankey

Professor Michael Sankey and guests will be giving you the lowdown on the new Blackboard Ultra and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). If you’ve heard about the VLE and want to know more, come along to this session and Get the Good Oil on Blackboard Ultra and the Virtual Learning Environment.

Professor Ruth Bridgstock

Professor Ruth Bridgstock will be co-facilitating the workshop, ‘WIL Opportunities – Connecting Our Practice’ with Professor Michael Sankey, and the workshop ‘WIL Looking Forward’. These workshops will be your opportunity to contribute to the future of work integrated learning at Griffith and learn more about the cutting-edge practice some of your colleagues are already involved in. It’s all happening at [email protected]:Looking Forward.

Professor Heidi Blair

Professor Heidi Blair will be chairing sessions at the Annual PebblePad Symposium: Active and Authentic Learning. These include concurrent sessions with presentations from a diverse range of Griffith academics, a Q&A with Griffith students and an end-of-the-day Q&A session with all of the presenters from the day. Be inspired by some PebblePad innovators at this event!