Sharpen the implementation of ed tech to support empowering pedagogies while you learn & earn at your own pace.

Earn badges for your application of the VLE to support Active, Collaborative and Authentic Learning at Griffith.

Learning Futures is proud to present ‘Teaching in the VLE’, an online Course in [email protected] designed to assist in the identification, and pedagogical application of educational technologies within our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

What you will learn

By the end of the Teaching in the VLE course you will be able to:

  1. Identify the suite of technology enhanced learning tools available within the Griffith VLE.
  2. Describe the learning and teaching affordances of one or more VLE tools.
  3. Critically evaluate the application of various VLE technologies aligned to the pedagogical intention of a course or learning activity.
  4. Apply appropriate VLE tools into specific pedagogical contexts (if completing optional assessment).
  5. Reflect upon your pedagogical application of your chosen VLE tool/s (if completing optional assessment)

Learn & Earn (Optional Assessment)

As you progress through Teaching in the VLE, and start to apply your own implementations within your Course or Program, let us know by submitting your reflection to obtain a ‘Teaching in the VLE’ badge.

Share what you’ve learnt with our Community

We’d love to work with you to produce ‘Faculty Sparks’ to help you articulate your practice, and support ideation and professional learning for our learning & teaching colleagues. Faculty Sparks are quick stories about your implementation and impact. You can see other Faculty Sparks here (please note – you may need to sign in to see all content).

Get Started with ‘Teaching in the VLE’

For more information and how to ‘quick enrol’ in the Course, please visit ExLNT (Explore L&T).