This post was contributed by Mrs Alison White (Senior Lecturer, School of Environment and Science).

The Graduate Diploma of Clinical Physiology is a two trimester program in which students consolidate theoretical knowledge in trimester one with practical application in trimester two by completing 12 weeks of clinical placement in a work integrated learning context. A key component of the learning and teaching and assessment activities in the program is the production of an ePortfolio throughout the duration of the program.

When the ePortfolio project was embedded in 2015 into the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Physiology, students were permitted to self-select an ePortfolio tool and they used a variety of web based platforms. This created challenges with regards to supporting students in the development process (with the academic required to be familiar with several platforms) and the moderation of the assessment process (with several platforms being assessed).

A slide from the PebblePash 2018 presentation by Christopher Allan and Alison White


In 2018, PebblePad was introduced as the required personal learning platform and e-portfolio tool. The value of implementing PebblePad is that it allows feedback to be provided in real-time, which assists students to identify their strengths and stimulates the development of future learning goals. In addition, there is a consistency of assessment and feedback in individual courses and across the program as only one platform is used. The advantage for the student is that PebblePad is a portable platform that students can take with them after graduation as they transition into employment in the clinical field to support their life long journey of developing clinical competence.

A salient point to consider, is that to ensure the quality of learning in PebblePad in its’ use as an ePortfolio tool, learning and teaching activities need to be aligned with and supported by authentic and integrated assessment activities. Future directions will be the introduction of student self-evaluation components in the ePortfolio to further strengthen the individual learning journey of the student.

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