On Monday 29 April, we live streamed the first event from 2019 Celebrating Learning and Teaching at Griffith.

Over 100 staff tuned in (online and in person at Nathan campus) to watch Associate Professor Amani Bell (Innovative Research Universities Vice Chancellors’ Fellow), Professor Ruth Bridgstock (Deputy Director, Teaching & Curriculum Transformation, Learning Futures) and a panel of Griffith colleagues as they discussed and answered your questions on the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.

If you weren’t able to catch the live stream as it happened, a recording of the session is still available for you to view — and we highly recommend you do! The panel discussion was lively, engaging and very informative. Our panellists were very generous in sharing their time and personal experiences and perspectives on the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching. An array of topics were covered, including presenting findings from SoLT inquiries at conferences, publishing in higher education journals and developing a career in learning and teaching.

Press play below to watch the panel discussion.