Dr Chris Campbell (Lecturer, Learning Innovation, Learning Futures) attended and presented at MiniBash UK 2018. Advertised as “Bringing the PebblePad UK community together to share ideas, see great examples of practice, and eat cake”- I wanted to find out more!

What is a PebblePad MiniBash UK 2018?

This was a day for those using PebblePad and in the PebblePad community to attend presentations on some of the latest research and uses. As this is hosted in the UK, it is predominately a day for representatives from the local institutions to get together. From my point of view, it was a great opportunity to be a part of the community where they have had access to PebblePad for many years and learnt lots of lessons along the way.

What did you present on while there?

I presented on Griffith’s university-wide PebblePad implementation and the sustainability measures that are now in place one year on.

Also presenting and from Griffith University was Christopher Allan and David Green from Griffith Sciences. They presented on implementing PebblePad by nurturing the ideas of STEM academics through the Griffith Sciences blended learning fund. They also presented the blended learning model they had developed and gave examples of them from Sciences.

It was great to have Griffith University invited to this international event. Even though we are considered relatively new adopters, I think our presentations were well received and sparked some great conversations.

What sessions really resonated with you?

One example that really resonated were the two student presentations that were conducted. The students were very professional in their approach to the presentation and they presented about how PebblePad has helped them in their degree. One nursing student used PebblePocket and is continuing to use it beyond her degree and is gaining great value from this by documenting her experiences and reflecting on them in various healthcare settings. The other student showed how he used PebblePad to create an ePortfolio about his sports coaching skills. He was able to use it in an innovative way and it is proving useful in both his studies and professional life.

What are you looking forward to with PebblePad in the future?

There was an excellent presentation from the PebblePad CEO, Shane Sutherland, about what is planned for the coming year. It was really interesting to see some of the things planned for the future as they are focusing on making PebblePad and ATLAS easier to use for staff and students. I really like how PebblePad continues to grow and change depending on the community’s interests and needs.

Go to www.griffith.edu.au/pebblepad to find out more about using PebblePad at Griffith.