We asked Kirsty Mallit (Coordinator, Peer Enhancement of Teaching and Learning) to tell us a little bit more about Peer Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

What is Peer Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, and what processes are available to Griffith educators?

Peer Enhancement of Teaching and Learning is in essence about colleagues collaborating to enhance teaching and learning in their context. At Griffith, staff can choose to focus on their teaching practice by taking part in Peer Enhancement of Teaching (PET), or focus on reinvigorating a course by taking part in the Peer Assisted Course Enhancement Scheme (PACES).

What are some of the benefits of working with a peer to enhance teaching practice or refresh a course?

We’ve received feedback from participants that one of the aspects they really enjoy about the process is the opportunity to work with colleagues from different disciplines, and the different learning and teaching perspectives that this brings. Staff have also told us how helpful it is for them to have a fresh set of eyes look over their course profile and student experience feedback as part of the process.

A participant who partnered with an experienced online facilitator mentioned that they were able to enhance their online skills and learn more about how students learn online, which they found really helpful and which gave them practical knowledge and skills they now bring to their teaching practice.

This is very much a supportive, collegial process well worth taking part in. Our peer-partners are really helpful and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share!

How can interested staff find out more about participating in one of the PETAL processes?

The best way to find out more is to come along to the information session on Wednesday 12 September. This hour-long session will be video conferenced between the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses and will give you the lowdown on both Peer Enhancement of Teaching and the Peer Assisted Course Enhancement Scheme. You can also visit the website, or contact us to find out more.