A new Faculty Story has just been published, so we thought it might be a good idea to find out more about the Faculty Stories project. We asked Louise Maddock (Learning Futures’ Senior Consultant, Learning and Teaching) to tell us a little bit more about these digital stories featuring Griffith academics.

How would you describe a Faculty Story?

Our vision with Faculty Stories is to create ‘inspiring digital stories of academics’ teaching and learning experiences that empower others to enhance their educational practices in order to make a difference in the lives of students’.

Each Faculty Story consists of a series of videos, the first of which is a short piece designed to inspire the viewer and give a bit of an overview of the full story. Each story also features supporting resources, such as further reading and links to learning resources that are mentioned in the videos, and a series of questions to help you reflect and consider how you might incorporate some of the practices discussed in the story into your own teaching and learning activities.

Our current stories focus on active learning across a variety of disciplines. We will be publishing another story soon that focuses on reflective practice, which is an area of growing interest for our learning and teaching community that we hope to explore more deeply.

A still from the Faculty Story ‘TAKING FLIGHT: Active learning through online aviation simulations’

Faculty Stories are a professional learning opportunity for the academic staff who share their stories, as well as for our staff who watch and engage with the stories. Do you find you also learn something new each time you and the team create a new story?

Working on this project has enabled us to collaborate and connect with academics who are implementing innovative ideas in their teaching, and having a positive impact on their students’ learning. We know that there are many academic staff at Griffith who are passionate about their teaching practice and who are doing great things, so it has been a positive experience to play a role in sharing just some of their stories with the Griffith community.

I find I always learn something new when we create a Faculty Story – we gain insights into diverse disciplines and practices, and learn more about our colleagues who so openly share their knowledge and insights with the Griffith community. We also get to hear directly from our Griffith students and learn more about how our educators are enabling impactful learning experiences for them.

Will the development team be creating more stories in the future?

Creating a Faculty Story is an involved yet immensely enjoyable and rewarding process – both for ourselves and the academics who share their story. Each Faculty Story involves the creation of video and supporting resources, so we generally work on developing one story at a time. The team hopes to create more stories in the future, and any academics who are interested in sharing their story are most welcome to get in touch with us and express their interest.

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