Maybe you’ve heard about Faculty Sparks or know of one of your colleagues who has created one. Maybe you haven’t heard about Faculty Sparks at all but are now keen to find out more! We asked Simone Poulsen (Project Manager, Learning Futures) to tell us more about Faculty Sparks.

How would you describe a Faculty Spark?

A Faculty Spark is a short article that tells your story in words, pictures and/or video and is published in ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching).

How many Faculty Sparks have been created and published so far?

About 50 Spark entries have been created and published so far, covering a wide range of disciplines and practices from all of Griffith’s academic groups. For example, we’ve published pieces on sustainability and ethics from the Griffith Business School, using informational interviews to build career confidence and communication skills from Griffith Health, learning activities to develop cross-cultural competency from Griffith Sciences and using reading groups to improve understanding and create connections between students from Arts, Education and Law.

An example of some recently published Faculty Sparks.

Why would you recommend staff create a Faculty Spark, and how can they go about creating one?

Not only is a Faculty Spark a professional learning opportunity for everyone who reads or watches and learns from the Spark, but it’s also a professional learning opportunity for the academic creating it. It’s a chance to really reflect on your practice—to think about what has worked in your teaching and what approaches helped you enhance your students’ learning experience, and to share that in a really accessible way with colleagues from across the University. Sparks can also be shared with academics outside of Griffith via social media.

If you’re reading this and are interested in publishing an entry, we are holding Faculty Sparks workshops in late April and early May, with more sessions to be announced soon. If you can’t make it to one of the workshops, get in touch with the ExLNT team by sending an email to [email protected] and we can organise a session to work together.

What do you most enjoy about collaborating with academics to create a Faculty Spark?

I really enjoy learning more about the learning and teaching practices of our creative and innovative staff. Our staff are really passionate about enhancing their students’ learning experiences and innovating in ways that really engage their cohort. There is a lot of wonderful work happening at our University and it’s great to play a small part in sharing it with the Griffith community.