Would you like to offer a technology enabled active learning experience for your students during lectures and for lecture and personal capture presentations added to your course site? We asked Simone Poulsen (Project Manager, Learning Futures) to tell us more about the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform), which can help you do just that!

Many staff are familiar with Echo360, but occasionally there is some confusion over whether Echo360 and Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) are the same thing. Are you able to clarify this for us?

Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) is the enhanced version of the Echo360 platform, with added features designed to facilitate active learning in face to face lectures or with online content. So essentially, it is the new Echo360. At Griffith, we refer to the platform as Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) or ALP.

How can staff access the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform)?

Staff can access the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) by adding a link to the platform from their [email protected] course site. The [email protected] support site offers more information and instructional videos about making recordings and using the new Classroom Tools to create opportunities for your students to engage with content and interact with fellow students. There is so much potential for these tools to enhance your students’ learning experience!

What are some of the activities our educators at Griffith are currently using the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) for?

Some of our staff have been using the tool to facilitate question and answer activities with students and to conduct interactive polls. These activities can help to keep students engaged throughout the lecture and encourage them to actively think about and engage with the content. Staff can also allow students to mark sections of the lecture or presentation that they find confusing, which is a great way to highlight content that might need more discussion or clarification for students.

Staff can explore other ways to use the platform for their particular cohort by getting in touch with their Academic Group’s L&T Consultants (Design). We’re also keen to find out more about how our educators are using the tool, so if any teaching staff reading this would like to share their practice, please let us know.

How can educators learn more about how their students are using the tool?

The platform enables educators to capture rich, real-time behavioural data on class attendance and participation, such as where time was spent, if notes were taken and whether students participated in discussions and polls. Combined with data from Course [email protected] and other sources of learning and teaching data and evidence, this can inform opportunities for course enhancement.

How can staff learn more about how the platform can be used in their teaching practice?

For a general overview of the tool, the best place to go is the [email protected] support site. Staff can also access professional learning resources on ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching). We are currently developing more support resources, and will be offering workshops later this Trimester/early next Trimester (watch this space!).

There is also a support section for students that staff might want to point students to before lectures to guide them on how to connect to the platform on their device, and how to use the available classroom tools to take notes, create bookmarks, participate in a Q&A and mark parts of the presentation they need further guidance on.

Staff are also welcome to get in touch with me to find out more about the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) at Griffith.