We caught up with Louise Maddock (Learning Futures’ Senior Consultant, Learning and Teaching) to find out more about the Course Enhancement Series of professional learning workshops. These workshops are being held at Nathan campus in Trimester 1, 2018 and at the Gold Campus in Trimester 2, 2018.

What do you most enjoy about facilitating professional learning workshops in the Course Enhancement Series?

I’m always inspired by colleagues who so willingly share their reflections about their learning and teaching practices and their thoughts about how they’d like to enhance student learning in their course. It’s also interesting to connect with colleagues from a diverse range of disciplines and hear their practice insights.

How does the Course Enhancement Series expand beyond the series of professional learning workshops?

Whilst the workshops provide time to explore concepts relating to course design and development, they also provide a space for developing a shared understanding of the concepts and what these mean in our practice context. So, through sharing experiences and stories, a professional learning community is created where colleagues are learning together and from one another. This process is also closely aligned to the Peer Assisted Course Enhancement Scheme offered by Learning Futures, where colleagues use peer coaching to support the enhancement of their course related practices.

You’ve redesigned some aspects of the series for this Trimester. What are some of the new things you explore in the workshops?

We’ve developed a new workshop for the series this trimester called ‘Understanding Your Course Learning Context‘ in order to explore the various elements of the course learning context, evidence-informed approaches for learning design, learning analytics and the ethical use of student data. The workshop has been designed to support colleagues in developing and enhancing their capabilities related to gaining a deeper understanding of their course learning context, as outlined in the Griffith Learning and Teaching Capabilities Framework. Learning analytics is a fascinating, emerging field and I’m sure that there will be some lively collegial conversations during the workshop!

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