Professor Ruth McPhail, from the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources in the Griffith Business School is the winner of a 2019 Excellence in Teaching – Group Educational Leadership Award.

Ruth is also the 2019 Vice Chancellor’s Griffith University Education Leader of the Year! Congratulations, Ruth, on this prestigious award.

What motivates and inspires you in your role?

Students – especially first year students. 

How have teaching practices in your discipline changed with the introduction of new technologies, and how has technology changed the way you and your colleagues/staff interact and engage with your students?

It has put more pressure on both parties but also increased flexibility in some ways. It hasn’t changed the basics. 

What have you learnt throughout your academic career about leading innovation and transformation in learning, and what have you learnt from experimenting with new approaches that didn’t quite work out? 

Students are honest – very honest if you listen to their feedback about your teaching. 

Given it isn’t always easy to innovate within a learning and teaching context, what advice do you have for colleagues looking to try something new in their teaching?

Be brave. 

What is something new you are looking forward to in your role over the next year or so?

Meeting new students. 

What advice do you have for educators looking to enhance learning and teaching in their program or School?

Video yourself.