Vr podcast

VR (Virtual Reality) is a particularly evolving landscape, and keeping up with emerging trends, hardware, platforms and for our purposes, educational use-cases, can be tricky and time consuming.  Lucky for us, just as the field is expanding, so too are the mediums experts and practitioners are using to communicate information and practice, and although podcasting is by no means new, it provides a widening array of perspectives in an efficient and on-demand basis.

There are some great VR-centric podcasts available to help us enhance our professional learning and understanding of the field and its potential for learning.

On my device | Featured VR Podcast


This podcast series takes a look at VR in the context of Immersive Learning.  The podcast has been running since 2015 and although it is produced in America, it features stories and interviews with practitioners and educators across the globe.  For example, Versatilist interviews Gwen Eelam, an Academic working in New Zealand about the application of immersive technologies in the field of Nursing.

Approach: interviews with Academics, researchers and experts, and direct presentations from conferences & events.

Best Points: Episodes are between 30 -60 minutes, the Disciplines discussed are varied, and the focus is on impact, not just the technology.

How to find other great Podcasts

Podcasts can be downloaded to your device via your chosen or supplied Podcast Player.  For example, if you have an apple device, you’ll see your Podcast app is already installed.

Searching for non-specific Podcasts in App Stores can be frustrating however, as they are based on title rather than a descriptor, so my advice is to check out curated listings to get started.   This list of VR-centric podcasts from fm/podcasts will help to get you started.

Happy Podcasting!