Individual Perception and Understanding of Augmented Reality Technologies

Emerging Technologies such as the use of AR in education are becoming more and more prevalent, but what are the perceptions of those who will engage with them?

Perhaps you can help find out by assisting one of our own PhD Candidates by providing your perspectives on the use of AR in Education in this short Pilot Survey. The Pilot Survey is just the beginning and will lead to an iterative longer term study able to chart any indicators and perspectives around adoption of AR.

The aim of this research is to understand how people adopt new technologies and perceive Augmented Reality. This research is conducted under ethics approval GU ref no: 2018/557.

Type of volunteers needed

All academic staff and students, as well as individuals outside the university, are invited to participate. Looking for participants who are interested in augmented reality and those who are not, as well as those who are early adopters of technology and those who are not.

What would I be asked to do? How much time would it take?

Complete an online survey about your opinions on adopting technology, and perceptions of augmented reality. The survey should take 20 minutes or less.

What’s in it for me?

Participants will contribute to the ongoing investigation into the adoption and public perception of augmented reality technologies. Ultimately, it may contribute to future mobile application and augmented reality developments and investigations.

How can I volunteer or find out more?

Click the link here to begin the survey or contact Alex at [email protected]


Idea Lab LogoAbout Alex:  Alex is a Griffith graduate of the Bachelor of Engineering (Software) Honours, has started her PhD with Griffith this year in a similar area to her Honours Project, and is looking forward to contributing to the Academic scholarship around emerging technologies in education.

IDEA Lab | Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems | PhD Candidate | GU Ref: 2018/557