Our PebblePad user community has reached a major milestone. As of 20th March, 2019 we have reached 30,000 users (staff and students combined) and growing! All within 30 months of PebblePad rolling out at Griffith. In fact, we are PebblePad’s first customer world-wide to reach their maximum user number within their first 3 year contract.
This amazing result could not have been achieved without the support, dedication and enthusiasm of the Groups, academics and our wider university learning and teaching community. It’s also confirmation of the fact that PebblePad is seen as manageable, effective and relevant in our learning and teaching environment.


Do you want to know what all the fuss is about?
If you are keen to find out more about PebblePad then register for one of the Learning Futures PebblePad workshops. The next round of workshops will be conducted in May. Further information is available on our Learning Futures Events Calendar
We look forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, you may wish to view some wonderful Student-Centred Activities or Faculty Spark stories of PebblePad in practice in the Explore Learning and Teaching site.


PebblePad Student-Centred Activities – short, focused entries describing how students can engage with a particular technology for a specific purpose.

PebblePad Faculty Sparks – inspirational stories that describe a particular challenge an academic encountered, the approach they took to implement a solution, and the outcomes from that implementation. The aim of Faculty Sparks is to provide you with opportunities to view these stories, reflect on, and if appropriate, apply a similar solution to your identified challenge