Day 3 of Celebrating Teaching 2018 kicked off with a very timely event topic ‘Educator Self-care’.

Colleagues gathered to look at some of the science behind why this is important for us, and some practical strategies on how we as Educators might fill that cup.  The event received a lot of praise, and it was great to see the emphasis put on self, and discovering new strategies and tactics for helping us ‘thrive’.

As Prof Stan Steindl & Dr Hayley Quinn


Associate Professor Stan Steindl, Director, Phychology Consultants Pty Ltd, and Adjunct Associated Professor (School of Psychology), UQ kicked off the event with a Keynote address ‘Compassion and Self-Compassion in Teaching, Research and Service Work’.

This was followed up by a Workshop facilitated by Dr Hayley Quinn, Quinntessential Psychology and President of Compassionate Mind Australia.

Be sure to keep an eye on LF Press for more information and resources around this topic over the next couple of weeks.



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…and then it was on to ‘all things Ultra and the VLE’ in the afternoon.

Get the Good Oil on Ultra

With Griffith launching into a new, more enhanced VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) over the next year, it was great to get a sense of where, when and how we are moving towards that change.  The focus of this Session was on ‘Ultra’, the enhanced version of Blackboard coming through the pipelines now.

Professor Michael Sankey (Learning Futures) headed up the Session with an ‘Overview of the VLE and where Ultra sites within this mix. Timelines and support to make this shift’.

*Watch this space, as we’ll be providing slides from this presentation out over the next week or so.

This was followed up by a presentation by Michael Garner, Alex Wu and Nicole Wall from Blackboard, giving us a better sense of ‘Why the move to Ultra and Key Features’ along with ‘Taking a Look at the Roadmap for Development’.

You can see some of the ‘Good Oil’ on what is coming up in Ultra at Twitter #GriffithCT2018.

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