Our regular On the Circuit posts will keep you up to date with upcoming opportunities to attend and participate in diverse conferences and events Nationally and Internationally.

In this post we’re focussing in on some opportunities our Health Group colleagues may be very interested in.

anzahpe_conference 1-4 July
The Meeting will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor overlooking the beautiful Hobart harbour, with the pre-Conference Workshops at the at the spectacular UTAS Medical Science Precinct. The Conference’s mixture of invited speakers, in-depth educational offerings, and important delegate opportunities for contribution and discussion, make it a “must attend” event for all in the health professional educators’ community.

Visit the Conference site here for more info.

AMEE 2018 Conference

The AMEE Conference is widely recognized as the key annual medical and healthcare professions education venue, regularly attended by colleagues from around the world and features a myriad of tracks – undergraduate education, postgraduate education and training, continuing professional development, surgery education – with sessions for teachers, deans, course directors, administrators, researchers and students in all the healthcare professions.

Visit the Conference site here for more info.

Collaborative practice and interprofessional Education

Every two years the ATBH conference provides an opportunity for participants to discuss ideas and devise and test strategies to mobilise concerted action to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities across the world. ATBH is driven by the conviction that concerted action to improve working together will effect change, enhance quality of care, ensure safety, and optimise deployment of human resources.

Visit the Conference site here for more info.

Sincere thanks to our colleague Professor Gary Rogers who assisted in identifying these great conferences. 

Stay tuned for regular ‘On the Circuit’ posts for more exciting opportunities.