Our colleagues in Griffith Sciences have been invited to present a webinar for the PebblePad community:

Facilitating the growth of use of PebblePad in Science programs

Thursday, 7th June 2018, 13:00 AEST

Presenters: Christopher Allan and David Green, Griffith University

About the webinar

Griffith Sciences has a major objective to innovate and build better practice in blended learning by putting learning first. In 2017, Griffith Sciences instituted a blended learning fund to support innovative initiatives utilising technology. To get the most out of this initiative a comprehensive training and support process was developed including the development of learning designs for each project and a community of usable scholarly practice was formulated to discuss ideas and strategies.

This webinar provides a brief description of the Griffith Sciences Blended Learning Model and how it is being used to implement and document blended learning principles and designs in STEM education.

Register via the PebblePad website.