We all work with Blackboard ([email protected]),
and here is your chance to show off your (or your Teaching Teams’) innovative work in practice.

Blackboard ANZ Call

The Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2018 is an opportunity to join hundreds of your peers from across Australia, New Zealand and beyond to learn and discuss innovation, best practices, and discover new and enhanced solutions in educational technology.

The Conference is to be held in Brisbane this year (Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st August), and the call for Presentations has now been extended to Friday 18th May.

There are some very strong themes to consider this year:

  • Actionable analytics
    Applying analytics to learning data brings the promise of surfacing ‘actionable insights’. But what does this really mean in practice and how are these insights actioned in practice?
  • Assessing online
    As online assessment continues to develop, institutions are developing coherent strategies to ensure the practical application of a range of new techniques. How is your institution conducting assessment and feedback online?
  • Emerging modes of teaching with technology
    Think adaptive learning, personalised learning, work integrated learning. How are these new practices being coupled with new technologies and how are they transforming education?
  • Framing the lifecycle of curriculum
    Is micro-credentialing valuable for learners and employers? How are institutions, learners and teachers able to assure that learning outcomes/ competencies have been met? As employability becomes a more fluid concept – how do we conceive of a curriculum lifecycle that is meaningful and future-proofed?
  • Next-generation learning solutions
    Given the continuous advancements of learning solutions, how are institutions/people using Blackboard products creatively and innovatively to solve learning and teaching challenges?

For more information and submission visit the full TLC ANZ Conference site here.