Our PebblePad support website has undergone a makeover!  We have embraced the new Griffith website look and feel and tweaked our site layout.

The home page still provides you with an overview of what PebblePad can do for staff and students, but will also promote related events and reminders. This page can be accessed by going to www.griffith.edu.au/pebblepad

We have refreshed the look of our Staff and Student help pages.  These pages contain videos and links to step-by-step guides chunked by key activities in Pebble+ and ATLAS, including:

  • Logging into and navigating PebblePad
  • Creating assets
  • Creating resources
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Creating workspaces in ATLAS
  • Assessment and feedback in ATLAS

The Griffith Help link from within PebblePad goes to our Help landing page, which then splits off into resources for Staff and Students.  You can access the Help landing page directly by going to www.griffith.edu.au/pebblepad/help

On the new site, we have also created a Showcase page to display PebblePad assets and resources created by Griffith staff and students.  If you have created something PebblePad that you would like to share on this page – please let us know!  There is a link on the page if you wish to contribute.

If you do have feedback on any of the pages, please use the “Provide Feedback” link at the bottom of the page so that we can continuously improve our site.