In the lead up to Trimester 2 (two), we have some important policy and process updates regarding Assignment Extensions to share:

  • Changes to late penalty %
  • New online workflows for request and approvals

Policy change for Late Penalty – now 5%

You might have noticed that the text in the Course Profile template regarding the penalty for late submission was different for Trimester 2 (two).

The Assessment Submission and Return Procedure will be updated on 1 July to reflect this Policy change as below.

New online workflow processes for requesting an extension

Earlier this year an online extension request form process was introduced to accommodate a more systematic and organised workflow for you and your Cohort.

If you are not familiar with the system, in a nutshell:

  1. Student logs a request via the Assignment Extensions Form.
  2. You will receive an email from “Workflow” at 10am and 2pm until you have responded to the request
  3. Go to the Staff Portal
  4. Open Worklist and reports in the left hand menu
  5. Open Worklists
  6. Assessment Applications awaiting review will be listed

For detailed guidance on processing the applications, refer to Student Administration’s guides for course convenors on how to use the online system, particularly Assessment Applications for course convenors (doc).


Add this extension information to your Course site for your cohort

Feel free to copy and paste this information into your [email protected] Course Site as a content item for your cohort. 

Requesting an Assignment Extension

Check the Course Profile for information about late submission of assessment including relevant penalties.

If you need to request an extension:

Extension requests must be made before the assignment is due.

Many thanks to Rae Jobst (Griffith Online) for original student information as adapted for generic use above. 

> For more information regarding Policies for Learning and Teaching practice, visit the Policy Library.