At Learning Futures, we really appreciate when members of our Teaching Community collaborate with us to share their teaching practice, for the benefit of their colleagues. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Agata Mouasher from the Griffith Business School as she shared her ideas on how she has used course design to improve learning outcomes, embed active learning and re-imagine assessment for learning.

Becoming design-savvy to improve learning outcomes

Goodyear’s Education Design Space was used as a tool for the creation of learner-centric coursework models. It allows for the construction of learning environments that encourage real world student-centred activities.     

Embedding active learning into curricula using a deliberate design approach

Goodyear’s Education Design Space was used develop students’ cultural competency to a level where they can “reconcile dilemmas”, which is the ability to create and apply solutions to culturally-influenced situations.

Re-imagining assessment for learning

Agata Mouasher shares her experience of course design and considers the concept of Assessment for Learning versus Assessment of Learning.

If you would like to contribute to Explore Learning and Teaching like Agata has, and share your teaching practice, please get in contact with us. Thank you Agata for your collaboration and sharing your fabulous work with the Griffith Learning and Teaching Community.