Griffith has introduced a new Cultural Competence Program (CPP) available online to both staff and students.

From both an education and an employment perspective cultural competency is important in meeting Griffith’s strategic objectives towards equity, diversity and inclusion. Diversity fosters innovation, creativity and harmony and developing staff and students who communicate confidently cross-culturally are highly prized in the workforce.

Academic staff can include this program within their course content, and it aligns with Graduate Attribute #6 ‘effective in culturally diverse and international environments’. For those who supervise staff this program can be included as part of Performance Review discussions.

The CCP has 9 modules which are highly engaging through animations and films, including real people telling real stories. Also included are fun, interactive activities, plus options for further reading.

CCP is complemented by The Cultural Atlas – a world class online resource providing specific information about a range of cultures.

How to access CCP?

Staff and students can access this program via [email protected]

  1. Login to [email protected]
  2. Go to the Organisations Tab
  3. Enter “Cultural Competence Program” in the Organisation Search field and click Go
  4. Click on the link “20180303”
  5. In the left menu click Self Enrol

It has been designed to allow study at any time of the day. Participants can choose to leave and return to the course at a later time, with the knowledge that their progress is always tracked and saved. On completion all participants receive a Certificate of Completion once all modules have been completed.

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