Griffith will be launching a Course Advisory application, Course Advisor, to staff and Undergraduate students (excluding Music) in September this year.

Course Advisor System Interface

Course Advisor will deliver personalised, consistent course advice for students. It will support students in maximising the benefits of Griffith’s flexible trimester arrangements by offering:  

  • visual planning tool for the remainder of their academic career. 
  • Information on how their credit and enrolled courses count towards their degree. 
  • Information on whether courses they are undertaking actively contribute to the completion of their degree. 

Undergrad Students will also be able to get real-time advice on changing or adding a major. 

Student Connect and authorised support roles will also have access to the tool to simulate individual student course advice and review student eligibility for graduation. Training and support will be offered to these roles in early September. 

This application will deliver improved student progression analytics, which will enable responsive planning into the future.

Course Advisor will be a seamless transition for students, linking them from myGriffith to the Course Advisor application with the same look and feel as the new myGriffith interface. 

Access to Course Advisor will be available from 2 September, with an official launch to students on 16 September. If you have any questions, please contact Change Manager, Lauren Carr [email protected]