Are you working on a document or presentation and wish you could use a nicely branded Griffith template? Do you need to produce something in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time (or patience) for formatting? You’re in luck!

The Remarkable Hub contains various Griffith branded templates and other resources that will help you put together an on-brand document, and is a great go to for everything you need to know about the Griffith brand. Here’s some of the useful resources you’ll find in the Hub…


Download a basic PowerPoint template that makes use of the basic fonts you already have installed on your computer (Arial), or the Griffith fonts (Jotia, Copernicus and Foundry Sterling) if you have access to them.

Griffith content slides
Presenting at a conference, or to visitors and special guests, and want to share some information about Griffith? The ‘about Griffith’ PowerPoint templates contain useful slides with information about Griffith’s campuses, students, learning and teaching and research, and will make a great addition to your slides. These templates also have an Acknowledgement of Country slide.

A slide from the about Griffith PowerPoint templates

Minimise your formatting battles with Microsoft Word by using one of these templates. There are basic templates for super simple documents, letterheads, certificates, meeting agendas, thank you notes and even a poster template. There’s also a very handy report template with built in styles that look great and are easy to use.

Example of certificate and report Word templates

If you’re an InDesign user, there are also some templates for you.

Other resources

In the assets section, you’ll find the Griffith logos, campus maps, social icons, campus photos and more. There are also helpful photography and video guides, including lists of recommended suppliers if you need some custom videos or photos to be produced.

A fun map of Griffith’s campuses ( not to scale :/ )