So one of your students has accidentally submitted the wrong thing for a PebblePad assessment piece?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  You can help your student keep calm and carry on by removing the submission from your ATLAS workspace for them.

Why would you need to remove a submission?
In PebblePad, students have control over their submissions, including being able to submit to various ATLAS workspaces and being able to remove their submissions themselves.  Sometimes students submit the wrong thing or submit to the wrong workspace (oops!). Students can remove their submissions before the due date, or before the teaching team include feedback or marks.  If not, they may turn to you for assistance.

Have a look at this Using [email protected] tip sheet to find out how to move or remove a submission in a workspace.

If you or your students require assistance in removing a submission, contact the IT Service Centre via [email protected] or x55555.