What changes have been made to [email protected]?

We have migrated [email protected] from local servers to a “Software as a Service” a cloud-based system that is hosted by the Blackboard. This means that we no longer require planned maintenance outages. Patches and upgrades will be applied in real-time with zero downtime, in a continuous delivery model.


What does this mean for [email protected]?

This is the first step in our journey of moving [email protected] to our new Learning Management System, Blackboard Ultra, over the next eighteen months.

You will notice very little difference in the appearance of [email protected] You will however notice that courses and organisations are now in separate sections of your [email protected] homepage.


I’ve notice that My Courses are displaying differently, can I tailor this?

Yes, please visit the project website for a short video on how to tailor this to suit you.


I am unable to login to [email protected], what should I do?

If you encounter an error page when connecting to [email protected], please clear your browser’s cache and try it again.

If you are still unable to connect, please use university’s VPN and try connecting to [email protected]

For more information on the updates to [email protected], please visit the website.