By now, many of us have heard of the Smart Sparrow adaptive learning environment, even if we haven’t used it. If you aren’t familiar with the product, Smart Sparrow allows you to create online interactive lessons that can include feedback and remedial pathways that are better tailored to individual student needs. A well-planned lesson can offer several ways for students to find solutions to problems themselves rather than just being told the correct answer and moving on, as might occur in more linear-structured lessons (see adaptive pathway diagram at the bottom of this post).

A number of Blended Learning Advisors and Educational Designers within the University have been supporting a small group of academic staff with planning and developing lessons using this tool since we first obtained a licence early last year. The tool has since been made available to all, and can be accessed via [email protected] Coinciding with this, a new website has been launched to support current and prospective users.

The site features:

Click here visit the site.

Feedback is welcome as this is a resource we intend to build upon over time. For more information about Smart Sparrow or to offer feedback on the site, please contact Dale Hansen.

Adaptive Learning image used with permission from Smart Sparrow.

This post was contributed by Dale Hansen.