As Educators, much of our Assessment time is spent trying to get ahead. That’s tough if there isn’t anything to mark yet!

Here are some quick and easy ways you can remind your Cohort to submit across the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Via [email protected] | Mark Centre

send reminders in Mark Centre

You’ve set your assignment, and you’ve noticed there are a few outstanding submissions. Here’s how to send quick reminders straight from your Mark Centre column.

Sending reminders from the Mark Centre
*Many thanks to Rae Jobst (Griffith Online) for this resource.

Via [email protected] | VoiceThread

If you are using VoiceThread to engage your Students this Trimester, you have the added benefit of in-context reminders if you have set up the VoiceThread experience as an ‘Assignment’. Click into your [email protected] VoiceThread Assignment you created to access the online marking and reminder interface while you are waiting for submissions.

Via ATLAS | PebblePad

If you are waiting on your PebblePad submissions and want to send reminders, this can be achieved via the ATLAS ‘submission space’. Here, you can (1) Select Report, (2) choose Breakdown of Submissions Report, (3) select/filter the group for ‘non-submissions’ and (3) select ‘message to filtered list’ to reach out and remind Students to submit. For more information on ATLAS and PebblePad, visit the Griffith University PebblePad site.