Increasing student engagement and implementing active learning strategies (and maintaining them) can be struggles in themselves. But there are tools available that can assist and one such tool available here at Griffith is the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.

Active learning means your students are engaging more with the material you are presenting, participating more in class activities and collaborating more with each other. Echo360’s Active Learning Platform contains various features that can assist you in increasing that active learning and engagement through the use of:

  • Question and answer: students can ask and answer questions during the lecture without raising their hand, thus minimising social awkwardness, and encouraging collaboration between students (yes, other students can answer the questions asked so they can help each other)
  • In class polls: the platform has a range of different polling options from multiple choice, short answer, click and drag, and numbered lists etc. Aside from using this option to get a quick gauge on how students are going with their understanding of content, did you know this option is also great for a quick gathering of feedback?
  • Note-taking: students can take notes against your content while watching videos, presentations and keep all their content together. This is great at revision time as the notes can be exported.
  • Confusion flag and bookmarking round out the suite: while watching presentations, students can flag a slide as confusing or bookmark it to remind them to review it or ask a question about it later. This is great for follow-up without having to write down slide numbers or reminders of pieces of paper that can be lost later.

Another great feature of the tool is the analytics. You can track views of your videos, see who is engaging with your content and for how long, and identify those students who may not be engaging and require extra assistance.

If you would like to learn more about how you can implement the Echo360 Active Learning Platform in your teaching, remember there is support available. Contact your Learning and Teaching Consultant, Simone in Learning Futures or check out some of the resources that are currently available.

Please note: This entry was previously published on April 10, 2018 with slightly different information.